thank you for browsing popular gallery pages at As you may know, entire project was created in about 11 months by single person, excluding Stars&Babes, what was created with help of John Cosentini from Canada. Almost daily maintenance of the huge site with internal php forum (based on MySQL) and tons of pictures was for this year "sponsored" by myself, including domain registration cost and disk space leased at selected provider with proven system (currently is site located at Unix server with daily backup and connectivity able to serve 100 fold browsers in the same time).

During past 6 months Iīm running statistics and it shows, that more then 70% of site visitors (overall) is not from our country. Simply gallery hits show mainly american users. This is not surprising as at us is limited number Wildstar/Roadstar fans online, in compare with massive owners base at States and other countries.

My project is not designed as profitable, but itīs not easy to work daily several hours on the project and pay all expenses connected with the site forever. Major problem is cost of internet connection, what my provider increased to 300 euro/month, what is really crazy. Of coarse, itīs not used for this project only, but I pay for every transferred MB over the microwave line (no ADSL over here yet) and I have to go for unlimited transfers option from next month.

So basically, if you are vendor, selling parts to people, interested in metric bikes and specifically Roadstars/Wildstars, you may be interested in advertising/sponsoring on, specifically at gallery pages. I can offer several banners and buttons for cost in range from $50 to $150 per year (cost is euro is the same), what include option to swap your banner or button every week, if you will need to (special deals etc). Of coarse is possible to agree special conditions for sponsoring whole gallery pages or site at once, if you want. All I need to do is cover the cost of site expenses and maintenance (design and programming)... And itīs fully licensed project - so our company (design studio) can issue full commercial invoice for your accounting, so you can claim your expense without any problems.

And even for private people - if you think, that my project is good and you will want to suport it, I will be more then happy if you will want to help. Just let me know by e-mail. Every little helps and little for you is lot over here.

If you are interested, on this page are samples of advertising items (standard buttons and banner sizes) and details...

Thanks a lot


50 USD per year
75  USD per year
80  USD per year
150  USD per year

Higher (standard) mini banner 120x67 in any format including Flash will cost you 80 USD/EUR per year with free swap every week if you want. For standard studio cost is possible to create new banners, so you donīt need to be artist to create eye-catching promos. We can handle it for you.

Mini banner 120x60 in any standard web graphics format including Flash animations is for 75 USD or EUR/year. You can change link or graphics 4 times a month for free with this option.

Standard button 88x31px in GIF or JPG is for 50 USD/EUR per year. Free exchange with online magazines (rate 1:1, page priority)

And standard big banner 468x60 will cost you 150 USD or EUR per year with free swap (if needed) every week. need your help!