I decided one day, that even when my custom paint is nice, it may be time for a change. Something more “solid”, deeper and design, what will be able to highlight the engine area and overall look of this big v-twin. But it was just thinking phase only. But one day turned up my friend, airbrush designer Olaf Pugner and asked me, if I want to show my bike on local motorcycle exhibition at Prague, where he will have his booth. Of coarse I want, was my reply. But we will have to display latest applications of modern airbrush pigments, layering technologies etc. So we started working on a new design. I had only few requirements - dark blue colors and variations, design with courve on the side of the tank, to stretch it optically and maintain the “half omega” shape, what we created last time as prime design element on the tank and side panels. In about month time, we negotieated finalized version of the paint and design and worked on pigments selection. Just courious - one day we went to a new specialized store at Prague, where they had absolutelly fantastic inks, exactly what was needed for some outlines. Asked about price and been told 1000$ for a 100ml (3.3 ounce?). Anyway, even when the cost will be for a litre, it will be high. So when you will see some beatifull airbrush and owner or designer will tell you, that the cost of pigments was several thousands dollars, it may be reality. So we used expensive inks too. Perhaps not most expensive, but for some specific areas has been used mettalic particles, chameleon varnishes etc, all cost a lof of money. No to mention many hand made outlines and parralell lines, what is really tricky. Overall number of layers of the paint is high - something like 40+. But result is great. Bike looks in different colors under different light direction, what is not easy to shoot as well. Hope you will see it on the pictures from different angles, how the paint layers change color - from dark navy blue to mettalic silver. Anyway, it´s not finished version yet - waiting for some parts to be delivered - rear saddlebag protection bars for example, whitewall tires and some other parts, what will probably not change the look as much, as those two, what I mentioned.
Enjoy pictures - all thumbnail pictures will open new windows with large picture when you click on thumbnails.

Project name: Starlight Express
Owner: Tomas Kocanda, Prague, Czech Republic
Airbrush: Olaf Pugner, Stare Splavy, Czech Republic
Accessories & custom parts: A1 Sports USA, Yamaha CZ, etc
Customisation: by owner, friends, Yamamoto Prague and DK Racing CZ

Special thanks to all of friends from Delphi forum 1602, who helped with picking Starlight Express slogan and especially Glenn Martin from Australia.

If you want to see “older” design of my bike... 


No Pork.. my dream custom



Modifications & customisation work 1999-2004/2005

As I described earlier, after purchase of big touring bike (BMW K1200LT) was possible to redesign my Starlight in “classic custom” style - without any touring accessories. Inspiration by “No Pork” painting (click above to see larger picture) and keeping original soul of Wildstar cruiser with freedom of customisation and a bit of more power for new season.
UPDATE: Spring 2003 - removed lots of accessories and parts from front end for cleaner look and installed large bars and new controls for detailed look...

New accessories and modifications
- Thunder Mfg Hurricane airbox
- Mikuni HSR 45mm carburetor + TPS adapter A1 + barnett cables
- ProOne licence plate holder
- Kuryakyn mini LED turnsignals replaced stock rear end bar&lights
- ProOne rear lamp grill & Yamaha chrome cover
- Bikini Beach Bar & Kuryakyn ISO grips & chromed controls by BSR
- ProOne lower triple tree cover with LED turnsignals
- Patrick Racing high compression pistons (10.25:1)
- Dyna 3000 Ignition unit
- 31 tooth pulley (Barons custom)
- Dayco kevlar final drive belt
- Supertrapp Mean Mother pipes & Supertrapp baffles
- Barnett Clutch Plate & springs
- Yamaha oil gear (stronger)
- Rivco Horns kit
- polished heads & valves
- ported intake manifold
- Custom Solo Seat plain (Corbin)
- Hollywood Pillion Pad (Corbin)
- chromed levers
- Billed push rod tubes
- Oil Pressure Gauge
- Billet Rectifier Cover
- Banjo Joint Covers
- Brake Pedal Covers
- Chrome front end (lowers, cover tins, trees)
- Chrome decompressor cover
 - Chrome left side engine cover

- Dynojet carb kit
- Front Axle Bolt Covers oval milled
- NessTech billed mirrors (oval) & conversion kit
- Crome Master Cylinder Cover
- Billet Alternator Cover and Cams Cover /Speedstar)
- Lindby Custom highway bars
- Baron´s Kickback Risers
- Baron´s Bullet Tach with White Face
- Dash panel extensions from Baron
- Billet shift link
- Ignition switch bezel
- Spark plug covers
- Neutral switch cover
- Chromed rear mastercylinder cover
- Chromed rear brake reservoir cover
- Single arm shifter
- HH chrome swingarm axis covers
- Steel braided brake lines and chrome banjos (Baron/Barnett)


2000 ISRA Star of the Month (May 2000)
2000 6th. place in "Show what do you Ride - Hustler CZ edition"
2000 Road Star Riders Forum - Road Star of the Month (August 2000)

- Front & rear brake caliper covers
- Rear brake pedal cover
- Smooth head bolt cover
- Smooth fork cap covers
- Throttle and clutch lines from SS (braided stainless steel + 2")
- AIS removed, plugs from Baron´s Custom
- Chrome passenger pegs
- most of allen hex screw head plugged by HardKrome plugs
- New oil lines (steel braided) from Baron
- Replaced ignition coils for Dyna performance coils
- Baron lowering kit - rear
- Yama Extended front fender (custom)
- Kuryakyn Neo pads & strips (blue LED set)
- Yama 2002 floorboard covers
- Starter end cap cover
- Generator cover ball milled
- Oil filter cover milled
- Drive pully cover and swingarm pivot covers

shots from season 2002
first design Blue Streak 1999-2001

My inspiration...

Latest changes - summer 2006: Bike is almost finished. Running like a nothing I´ve been riding before - such pull and sound. Simply perfect. On latest pictures is bike in 2006 state with new headlight (Headwinds/Tradewinds), cables tidy inside handlebars, polished callipers, rear pulley and few other little mods. AND GREAT MODELS TOO!
Photos from shooting session by CZ Easy Rider magazine during Bohemia Customs show 2006 is here: GALLERY FROM BOHEMIA CUSTOMS SHOW 2006 - STARLIGHT ON STAGE
As you can see, on the bike is now new airbox (Thunder Mfg´s Hurricane), what you cannot see is Mikuni HSR 45mm carb and various little changes (mainly chrome covers). With new carb and airbox is the performance of the engine exceeding bike frame, brakes and wheels. Simply I reached almost 100hp (with better A/F courve we decided to drop the top power/torgue a bit to get as smooth as possible courves without drops) and the frame, brakes and rear wheel are not able to match it. Or even different way said - I have more power, than is possible to safely control by the rest of the bike. Period. Anything else? Yeah, pleanty of style I think. Chrome is almost 100% american chrome, what means the best chrome on the planet. Where possible I used factory parts (like front end from Midnight Star limited edition). All components are top quality, no compromises. I love it as it is, but of coarse there is many ways, how to reach even different level - new wheels, new headlight, inserting electric cables to handlebars (plan for winter 2005) etc. It´s endless. But I love it!!!


Shot of the year 2004

This photograph is from photo session organised at sumer 2004 as ad-hoc action, just after the carb & airbox modifications been done. With strong help of one of most beatifull models I had chance to work with (Gabriela), we finished with bunch of dramatic shots like this one on my favorite picture above. It´s on “navigation” as we call causeway at Prague at the bank of Vltava river, almost at Prague centre. Interesting sunset light and a bit of graduated gray filter helped to store that magic moment.

Older pictures from 2004/2005